Market requirements and the constant need for the application of new technologies, has a great impact on the continuous improvement of the production process in the company "Tipoplastika" d.o.o. These reasons led to a large investment in 2018, when "Tipoplastika" d.o.o. invested in four new machines. The complete investment was carried out in cooperation with a world-renowned manufacturer, the company "Bobst" - Switzerland. The latest machines for rotogravure and flexo printing, lamination and flat extrusion have been installed.


Bobst RS6003CH S

Possibility of printing up to 9 colors
Max width 1020mm
Max speed 400 m / min
TAPS - Bobst system for full automatic registry control
100% print inspection
Prints matt and heat seal varnish in the register
Possibility of double-sided printing 7 + 2 and 8 + 1.


Bobst 20six S

Possibility of printing up to 8 colors
Max width 1100mm
Max speed 400 m/min
Repeat printing 370-800mm
Prints matt and heat seal varnish in the register
100% press inspection
Smart GPS - digital system for adjusting the print before printing and register


Bobst CL 850D

Max width 1050mm
Max speed 450 m / min
Solvent-free lamination with polyurethane adhesive
Lamination with polyurethane adhesive with solvent


Bobst Rotoextruder R400F

Width 650-1300mm
Max speed 400 m / min

Possibility of joining two types of materials or coating different types of monomaterials with melting of LDPE, PP, co-polymers and ionomers. Materials that can be used are paper, AL-foil, various types of films: LDPE, BOPP, OPA, CPA, PET. Solvent-based and water-based primers are also used to achieve better material quality.

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